Hélène Deggan

photo of Helene Deggan

Actor, Voice Artist, Linguistic Supervisor

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Theatre, television and cinema have always fascinated Hélène. She has played among others, the part of Marie-Lou dans "Forever Yours Marie-Lou" and the role of the 'Nanny' dans "Antigone". She has hosted television shows for the Francophone network. More recently, she has worked as an extra in a number of advertisements for FUTURE SHOP and ROGERS. She has also played a small part in "TELUS INTERACTIVE WEB PORTAL." At the moment, Hélène seeks to broaden her area of experience as an actress because she wants to express the world in as many ways as possible.

Voice Artist
Hélène considers the voice as the best instrument made to communicate information, emotion or entertainment. She has always kept her voice at the centre of her professionnal preoccupations; be it as a radio broadcaster, as a teacher or for advertising purposes. She has done narrations, voice-overs, sketches, advertisements, telephone prompts and radio plays.Today she continues to bring experience and passion to the voice projects that are offered to her. Her most recent work was done with clients such as TELUS, BC 150 and FUTURE SHOP.

Linguistic Supervisor
Work has gradually led Hélène towards linguistic supervision. First, she taught French for many years at Simon Fraser University. Second, she worked for a long time at the francophone radio and television station where correct use of the language is a must. At the same time, as voice talent in studios, producers often asked her to work without a director and to supervise herself. Finally with those experiences behind her, Hélène has accepted contracts of linguistic supervision with Wayne Kozak Productions, with Koko Productions and for a special project with TELUS.

Tel: 604-734-7384
Email: helene.deggan@shaw.ca