Danielle Hébert

Singer, Producer, Voice Artist

Demos: Demo 1 - Demo 2

Danielle is a trained musician and singer with experience in choirs, 7 part jazz vocal group, pop music and rock. She has recorded four albums to date and has performed in countless concerts, recording sessions both as lead and back up singer. She is a fast learner with a great ear. 

Since 2000, Danielle has been involved in the field of production. From TV and radio commercials, corporate videos, voice-over and on camera work. Danielle has worked with many top studios, corporate clients and production companies in Vancouver. Danielle is efficient in the studio, she loves the interactive nature of the work she strives to see her clients reach their creative vision.

Voice Artist
Danielle's voice is versatile, warm, professional. A natural for elearning and training projects. She brings a polished quality to narrations, commercials. Danielle can also create believable every day characters with either humor or seriousness.

Contact Information:
Tel: 613-404-3685
Email: danielle@daniellehebert.com